The new version v10 of angular has been released. This is a major release that spans the entire platform, including the framework, Angular Material, and the CLI. Check the release details and source code here

Major Changes :

New Date Range Picker
Warnings about CommonJS imports
Optional Stricter Settings
Keeping Up to Date with the Ecosystem
New Default Browser Configuration
Angular Team Fixit
Deprecations and Removals

Key Features

  • Performance improvements, achieved by reducing the size of the entrypoint manifest and a caching technique in the manifest. In addition, caching of dependencies is done in the entrypoint manifest and read from there rather than being computed every time. Previously, even if an entrypoint did not need processing, ngcc (Angular Ivy compatibility compiler) would parse the files of the entrypoint to compute dependencies, which would take a lot of time for large_node modules. 
  • The addition of dependency information and ng-content selectors to metadata. This proposed compiler feature would provide additional metadata useful for tools such as the Angular Language Service, offering the ability to provide suggestions for directives/components defined in libraries.
  • A number of bug fixes have been made including the compiler avoiding undefined expressions in a holey array and the core avoiding a migration error when a non-existent symbol is imported. There is also a workaround in the core for the Terser inlining bug.
  • In a fix to the core, logic would be added to undecorated-class migration to decorate derived classes of undecorated classes that use Angular features.
  • In a breaking change, Urlmatcher’s type will reflect that it could always return null.
  • For the service-worker, a fix has been put in for a situation in which there was a chance that the service worker will never register when there is a long-running task or recurring timeout.
  • Propagation of the correct value span in an ExpressionBinding of a microsyntax expression to ParsedProperty, which in turn would propagate the span to the template ASTs (both VE and Ivy). This proposal also is for the compiler.