The topics you need to know for the EBS:

  • EBS Volume
  • EBS Volume Type 
    • Types and Uses
GP2 General Purpose SSD IOPHigh Peformance SSD STILow Cost HDD SCILowest Cost HDD
System Boot System Boot No System Boot No System Boot
Developement and Test Environment Critical Bussiness Application Big Data, Log Processing, Data WarehouseApache Kafka Infrequent Access
1 GiB- 16 TiB 4GiB- 16 TiB 500 GiB- 16Tib 500 GiB- 16 Tib
Max IOPS 16,000 100 – 64,000(Nitro) IOPS (32000 others) Max 500 Max 250
  • Local Instance Store
  • Local Instance Store VS EBS

Amazon EBS-Backed VS Amazon Instance Store-Backed